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Flavours – the palatability enhancers

Benefit from Kaesler’s decades of experience with flavours in animal nutrition in combination with exchanging expertise with an experienced, globally active flavour manufacturer from the food industry. The result is the Cuxarom range of successful flavour blends for use in all kinds of animal feed and treats.

Why flavours are so important

Aroma, taste and flavour are closely linked, yet there are important distinctions to make. 

While aroma is the nasal experience, i.e. what we smell, taste relates to what the tastebuds on the tongue experience. 

The combination of these two (with signals from nose and mouth) creates the flavour.

In evolutionary terms, good taste indicates food that is safe and digestible while bad taste generally means the food may be harmful.

Cuxarom - a matter of good taste

With good taste in mind, feed flavours are commonly used to improve palatability and acceptance, especially in selected feed for young animals, such as milk replacer or pre-starter. Ensuring good feed intake helps reduce the stress levels of the animals and contributes to optimised growth. 

With Kaesler’s Cuxarom range, you can benefit from the imprinting effect, whereby the young animals have been familiarised with a certain flavour during gestation. In a similar way, when changing the feed, the same Cuxarom flavour can be used for the new feed. This is called the memory effect.

Did you know?

  • Domestic dogs can taste the same five flavours as humans (sweet, salty, sour, bitter, umami), but have one extra taste reception just for water. This extra taste receptor is located at the tip of the tongue, while in humans this part of the tongue is most sensitive to sweet tastes. The taste buds responsible for salty and sweet (dehydrating foods) are highly sensitive and send a reminder to drink to avoid dehydration after consuming such foods.

The benefits for animals

  • Maintain feed intake during feed changes to support animal well-being 
  • Wholesome, but less palatable feed is more attractive 
  • Reduce social and environmental stress (imprinting, memory effect) 

The benefits for feed manufacturers

  • Improved acceptance of the feed
  • Counteract fluctuations in raw material price or quality 
  • Create olfactory branding of your feed 
  • Excellent thermostability and storage stability 

The benefits in a nutshell

Adding feed flavours helps maintain constant feed intake, a driver for optimised performance. 

Kaesler’s Cuxarom range comprises four lines: Lac, Fruit, Spice and Sweet, providing characteristic notes to improve the sensory properties of feed for all animal species of all ages.

All Cuxarom Lac and Fruit products can be individually combined with sweetener and/or umami to get the taste just right. 

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Product details

  • Free-flowing powder for use in premix, mineral feed, complementary feed, milk replacer or complete feed 
  • Liquid for spraying onto compound feed after pelleting 
  • Specific liquid formulations, soluble in water or oil, depending on feed type 
Packaging sizes
  • Powder = flavour-sealed bags à 25 kg, big bags à 250 or 500 kg  
  • Liquid = canisters à 25 kg, drums à 200 kg, IBC à 1000 kg 

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Using the memory effect of piglets to reduce stress and to increase performance during the fattening phase

Changing the feed over several phases is a challenge for feed intake. Using the same flavour in the feeding of piglets and fattening pigs is a useful and practical way to stimulate feed intake and better overcome stressful situations. This was investigated in two acceptance trials.

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