Heat stress

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Heat stress

The downside of long summer days

The sun is shining, not a cloud in the sky, ideal beach conditions. Everything is perfect. Unfortunately, this scenario is everything but ideal for our animals. Blistering heat and high humidity have a negative impact on growth rate, feed conversion and egg production.

The challenge of heat stress

Heat stress is a real challenge for the organism. 

  • Body temperature rises, 
  • as does the heart rate 
  • and respiration rate. 

This can even lead to respiratory alkalosis due to the loss of CO². Without intervention, this metabolic condition compromises performance or may even lead to death. 

The solution

Access to cool, fresh water, good ventilation and adjusted feeding times can help. Targeted supplementation with electrolytes, minerals and other nutrients via drinking water can also help overcome the effects of heat stress as the water intake of the birds is around twice as high as feed intake during such phases. 

With the Lovit range from Kaesler Nutrition you can put your birds back on track. Balanced combinations of electrolytes support osmoregulation and maintain the acid-alkaline balance. Vitamin C is known to protect the birds against oxidative damage and support the immune system. The aniseed oil in Lovit Granule Anilyte+C further stimulates the appetite to increase water and feed intake. 

Our products to overcome heat stress
  • Drinking water applications

    For short-term, targeted supplementation with selected nutrients to maintain poultry health. 

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