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Understanding integrations

Running an integration requires a whole host of specialist knowledge of all steps along the animal production chain including the marketing of the final product. A successful integrator understands the importance of circular economy and the benefit of synergies.


The challenges

As an integrator, you are well aware of the ecological challenges facing you. Starting with green house gases, emissions from animal production, carbon footprint, scarcity of resources, food and feed in direct competition with each other, social acceptance up to animal welfare. 

But how can we help you combat all these challenges?

The solutions

At Kaesler Nutrition our feed additive portfolio stretches from A to Z – from amino acids to zinc preparations, with a team of experts in animal nutrition available to support you with your needs. For example, our feed additives, such as Enzy enzymes, improve feed conversion to gain maximum benefit from available resources, while our Spicemaster botanical range is perfect for maintaining good gut health.  

Furthermore, the Lovit range of Drinking Water Applications (DWA) by Kaesler Nutrition is ideal for short-term, rapid and targeted application in poultry houses, when and where you need it. 

Our products for integrations


Analytical services to support you in the development of safe, high-quality feed and pet food products.

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Analytical services to support you in the development of safe, high-quality feed and pet food products.

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Need assistance?

For further information or if you need help in finding the right product or solution, please contact us.

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Breaking up anti-nutritive effects

The effect of Enzy Carboplus on nutrient digestibility and zootechnical performance was proven in numerous scientific trials at international institutes within the framework of the approval process.

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Lovit Granule Anilyte+C – effect on broiler performance during heat stress

To neutralise the negative consequences of heat stress, antioxidants and electrolytes can be supplemented. The effect of a drinking water application on broiler performance and vitality was tested in this trial.  

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Loxidan PRD 100 as effective protection for compound feed

Linseed oil and soybean oil are commonly used raw materials in the animal feed industry, which is why the effectiveness of Loxidan PRD 100 was tested in these vegetable oils as models for fats.

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