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Meat quality

The importance of good meat quality

Good meat quality is the most important criteria for fattening poultry producers today. Customers are far more critical about meat quality than in the past. Appearance and texture are the two most important attributes as they influence initial customer choice of a product. 

Appearance flaws, such as wooden breast, spaghetti meat or white striping (breast muscle myopathies), will result in consumer rejection of the meat, meaning economic losses for the producer.

The challenge of meat quality

The primary cause for deterioration of meat is oxidation which has an impact on the colour, and subsequently the choice of the consumer. 

Wooden breast, spaghetti meat or white striping are mainly caused by fast growth and metabolic issues as the chicken’s body simply cannot keep up with the unnaturally fast muscle growth and cannot supply enough blood to all these muscles. The muscle cells then become inflamed, suffer from lack of oxygen, and degenerate, to be then replaced by fibrous tissue and fat. 

This changes the appearance and texture and also reduces the nutritional value of the meat by increasing the fat content.

The solution to good meat quality

Kaesler Nutrition offers a number of products in the Lovit range of drinking water applications that can help support good meat quality. For example, supplementing antioxidants in natural form (vitamin E) reduces oxidative stress while protecting heart and liver.  

Lovit drinking water applications are highly-effective nutrient combinations for targeted supplementation in the water line. Contact us to find out the right solution for your needs.

Our products for good meat quality
  • Drinking Water Applications

    For short-term, targeted supplementation with selected nutrients to maintain poultry health.

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