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Meeting the high demands on pet food

Pet food producers are confronted by ever-increasing requirements in many respects. Whether from a legal aspect, quality and safety, nutritional trends, sustainability or guaranteed shelf life, the demands on pet food are high. Personal preferences of the pet owners and individual needs of the pets must also be taken into consideration to provide safe, nutrition pet food that contributes to the health and well-being of cherished pets.

Our contribution to high nutritional quality

Nutritional quality is first and foremost for pet food producers. The products must fill strict quality criteria to ensure their safety for pet consumption. 

With our Quality & Trust programme, we make sure that all the ingredients have passed even the strictest of controls and are closely monitored wherever they may be in the supply chain, enabling you to fulfil all demands for transparency. 

Whether your pet food needs reliable protection during production, or your goal is excellent product stability and safety, or hitting the nail on the head with the right flavour, at Kaesler Nutrition we have a variety of solutions to fulfil your needs in pet food production, and a team of dedicated experts in our Research Institute to keep you on top with your pet food production.

Did you know?

  • 24 months: this is the shelf life possible by using antioxidants.

Current trends in pet food


Pets can be choosy! But if it’s a matter of taste, the Cuxarom range of flavours from Kaesler Nutrition offers you a wide variety of different options to appeal to a multitude of different tastes of both pets and their even choosier owners!


Producers are increasingly aware that sustainability is a major issue for pet owners. Efficient production processes, minimising waste and environmentally friendly packaging solutions are among the numerous possible ways of saving the planet. 

Fats and meat waste that are produced during food production and are not suitable for human consumption can be preserved by Loxidan, the range of antioxidants by Kaesler, and thus used in animal nutrition.  

Availability and accurate deliveries

Kaesler Nutrition provides accurate data on the availability of our products and the order delivery times to our customers. At our warehouse in Cuxhaven we have 70,000 m2 and more than 10,000 pallet storage capacity. For contract orders we commit ourselves to a guarantee for delivery.  

Humanisation of pets and nutritional trends

The humanisation of pets is the key trend driving the pet food market. Pets are seen as fully-fledged family members that need treating with the same care, attention and lifestyle as their owners. The result is a high demand for natural-based pet food, vegan or vegetarian alternatives, sustainable pet food, and above all: pet food safety. 

All-natural, human-grade quality. What does it really mean?

When it comes to all-natural, human-grade ingredients for dog and cat food, the focus is on using high-quality ingredients that are minimally processed and safe for human consumption. The term "human-grade" is not regulated by the pet food industry in the same way as it is for human food. Rather than artificial alternatives, human-grade pet foods should use natural preservatives such as rosemary extract, vitamin E  and vitamin C to maintain freshness.

Test our pet food pilot plant

Kaesler Nutrition has an own Research Institute that has a pet food pilot plant, including an extruder. If you are interested in visiting our R&D facility to find out more about our tailor-made pet food programme and all the other high tech equipment and services, please contact your area Sales Manager.

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Long shelf life and natural antioxidants

Besides aspects such as process formulation, suitable packaging, adequate processing techniques, storage conditions, the addition of antioxidants (Loxidan by Kaesler Nutrition) is the key to prolonging the shelf-life and protecting valuable fats and ingredients. 

Natural antioxidants, such as Loxidan E Ros or Loxidan Pet TR in particular, play a crucial role, as they also support consumer demands on natural pet food.

Our products for the pet food industry


Analytical services to support you in the development of safe, high-quality feed and pet food products.

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Analytical services to support you in the development of safe, high-quality feed and pet food products.

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