Vaccination via drinking water

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Vaccination via drinking water

Safe environment, safe vaccine

Correct hygiene and biosecurity measures and vaccination are among the most relevant and efficient methods of preventing infectious diseases in poultry. Successful vaccination can minimise or avoid clinical symptoms in case of a disease outbreak and accordingly maintain performance parameters of the flock at a high level. 

Proper vaccination can therefore help to avoid substantial economic losses, making it of utmost importance to provide the vaccine with the best possible conditions during administration. 

Pathogens such as Infectious Bursal Disease virus, Newcastle Disease virus, and Salmonella naturally enter the organism via the oral route and therefore, the oral route is the preferred way for administration of the vaccine. However, numerous factors can severely impact the effectiveness of oral vaccination as live vaccines can be impaired or even inactivated by different components in the water. Thus, it is crucial to protect the attenuated pathogen inside the water.

The challenges faced during vaccination

Live vaccines can be damaged for the following reasons:

  • Chlorination level 
  • Hard water / metal ions present in the water
  • Disinfectants / sanitisers present in the water
  • Incorrect pH value (regardless of whether too low or too high) 

The solution

Correct handling of the vaccine is vital to ensure an even distribution in the drinking water so that the vaccine reaches the entire flock. 

Lovit Blue C gives you the perfect all-round solution for vaccine administration. The blue colouration of the water makes the distribution in the water lines and the uptake of water with vaccine by the birds clearly visible. Furthermore, Lovit Blue C softens hard water, chelates ions and neutralises chlorine, while deactivating any residues of disinfectant or sanitiser in the water. All of this while buffering the pH to a value between 6.5 and 7.8 which is the ideal environment to keep live vaccines safe and maintain their activity.  

Safe water, safe vaccination – with Lovit Blue C.

Our solutions to support vaccination
  • Drinking water applications

    For short-term, targeted supplementation with selected nutrients to maintain poultry health. 

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