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Enzymes – the biological catalysts

Enzymes are proteins that act as biological catalysts. Created by nature, they are vital in animal feed to release nutrients which would otherwise not be available to the animal. This effect saves resources, costs and the environment. 

Why phytase is so important

Monogastric animals, such as swine and poultry, are unable to digest vegetable phosphorous as it is bound to phytic acid. Supplementing phytase to their diets breaks down the phytic acid within, allowing the phosphorous to be released and digested by the animal. 

Thanks to this improvement in P-digestibility, the farmer can use environmentally friendly, low phosphorous diets. Animal performance further benefits from the additional release of other minerals and nutrients from the phytate complexes.  

Whether you are producing premix, mineral feed, complete feed or need a product in liquid form, Enzy Phostar is a bacterial 6-phytase to boost your swine and poultry feed. 

The benefits of NSP-degrading enzymes

Large amounts of non-starch polysaccharides (NSP) are contained in cereal grains, by-products from starch and alcohol production and vegetable protein. They have different functions in plants and are mainly part of the cell wall structure. 

For monogastric animals the NSP have so-called anti-nutritional properties. In case of soluble NSP these include increased viscosity, interference with digesta passage rate or impaired digestion. The insoluble NSP lock up valuable nutrients, preventing their absorption in the first place.

The combination of xylanase and β-glucanase as NSP-degrading enzymes in Enzy Carboplus allows the breakdown of both soluble and insoluble NSP, improving nutrient digestibility and animal performance. Intrinsically heat-stable, Enzy Carboplus optimises feed conversion with versatile application in all your feed formulations.  

Did you know?

  • The presence of 1.2 grams of phytate-phosphorus in feed can reduce broiler body weight by 6% at three weeks of age.

The benefits for animals

  • Improved nutrient availability  
  • Facilitates digestibility 
  • Enhanced gut health 

The benefits for farmers

  • Reduced feed costs 
  • Better feed conversion 
  • Improved animal performance 
  • Contribution to sustainability 

The benefits in a nutshell

The responsible use of resources is vital for the survival of our planet. Feeding enzymes allows the best possible utilisation of nutrients in the diet. 

Win-win for the farmer: Optimum nutrient utilization reduces the burden of high feed costs with improved animal performance at the same time. 

Intrinsic thermostability (Enzy Carboplus), excellent storage stability, flexible application and efficiency even at low dosage (Enzy Phostar) round off the advantages of Kaesler’s enzyme portfolio - manufactured with care for proven quality. Over 40 studies at renowned international institutes prove the efficacy of Enzy from Kaesler.

The question is not whether or not to supplement feed enzymes, it is which one is the right one for me! 

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Product details


Heat-stable, free-flowing powder to remove antinutritional effects of phytate and carbohydrates in the cell wall. Liquid formulation for application after pelleting. Environmentally friendly formulation conserves resources and feed costs. 

Packaging sizes
  • Solid = bags of 25 kg, big bags of 1000 kg 
  • Liquid = canister 25 kg, drum 200 l, IBC of 1000 l 

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Breaking up anti-nutritive effects

The effect of Enzy Carboplus on nutrient digestibility and zootechnical performance was proven in numerous scientific trials at international institutes within the framework of the approval process.

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