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Vets - integral part of the flock

Being a vet means bearing a lot of responsibility coupled with the need to react to certain situations rapidly. Given the ban on antibiotic growth promoters, the need has risen for alternative solutions to keep poultry flocks healthy and maintain their performance.

The challenges are diverse, with climate issues, disease outbreaks, stocking density and management issues all playing a role in the tasks of poultry vets. At the end of the day, the main goal is to keep the birds healthy, maintaining performance whilst using as little medication as possible. 

Rapid on-spot relief

The Lovit range of drinking water applications by Kaesler Nutrition is able to provide rapid, on-spot relief in a variety of different situations, such as diarrhoea, liver or respiratory problems, egg shell quality, skeleton, fertility, skin, claw and footpad problems, heat-stress or cannibalism. 

Lovit strengthens the immune system and promotes the general health and well-being of the birds. It is important to convince the farmers that prevention is better than cure. While the effects of antibiotics may be instantly visible, maintaining the vitality of the birds to avoid the need for medication is the better choice. 

Some poultry vaccinations are mandatory, such as Salmonella or Newcastle Disease. Lovit Blue C by Kaesler Nutrition is the perfect companion for vaccines administered via drinking water. It maintains the full activity of the live vaccine even over the regular vaccination period.

  • Lovit Blue C keeps the water at a pH value that is stable and safe for vaccines, 
  • neutralises chlorine residues 
  • and even visualises the distribution of the vaccine in the drinking water thanks to the intense blue colouration. 

Did you know?

  • Essential oils stimulate the appetite whilst reducing pathogens in the intestine.
  • Vitamin C acts well during heat stress, but the effect can be raised to a higher power in combination with electrolytes. 
  • Birds with poor plumage lead to increased feed costs as they eat more.
  • Poultry finds the smell of aniseed very attractive.

Our products for veterinerians - Drinking Water Applications

For short-term, targeted supplementation with selected nutrients to maintain poultry health.

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