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Drinking Water Applications – flexible and versatile supplementation

There are many situations in a poultry house that require fast nutritional action to provide rapid relief in the flock and maintain performance at the desired level. Providing nutritional support via drinking water is the best and fastest way of reaching the entire flock as the intake of water is more constant than that of feed.  

The benefits in a nutshell

Nutritionists at Kaesler have developed the Lovit range of Drinking Water Applications (DWA) to meet the nutritional demand for various indications. 

Thanks to the smart formulation, we offer unique combinations of active ingredients that exclude undesired physico-chemical reactions between the individual substances. This makes them safe and effective, while easy to use on the farm. 

The DWA from Kaesler are available as liquid, powder and effervescent granules. 

This innovative granulate technology combines the advantages of powder and liquid products – fast-dissolving solutions for rapid relief and no residues. The administration via drinking water is stress-free without the need for individual handling of each bird.

Did you know?

  • There are more chickens than humans in the world – more than 34 billion compared to 8 billion humans.
  • Chickens cannot sweat and are more easily able to cope with cold weather rather 
    than hot weather. 

The benefits for animals

  • Stressless supplementation via drinking water 
  • Targeted nutritional support 
  • Good overall health and well-being 

The benefits for farmers

  • Healthy animals
  • Easy handling and storage 
  • Rapid and flexible support 
  • Economic efficiency

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Product details


Available in powder, liquid and effervescent granule form for application via drinking water. 

  • Solid = bags of 750 g, 1 kg, 5 kg or 10 kg 
  • Liquid = bottles of 1 litre, canisters of 5 litres 
  • Liquid also available in drums and IBC 

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