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Challenges in modern farming

Farm managers today face a whole host of challenges which must be overcome to provide healthy products in line with high consumer demands. Challenges, such as global competition, climate change and outbreaks of diseases, such as avian influenza or African swine fever, to name but a few. At the same time, consumers have high expectations of environmentally friendly, resource-saving and animal-friendly farming with healthy products.

The right mix for performance and efficiency

Kaesler Nutrition is committed to helping overcome these challenges. We know how important it is to keep animals fit and healthy to maintain their performance. Good husbandry conditions with excellent farm management must go hand in hand with the right feeding. The feed must be healthy, highly digestible and cost-effective – this is the way to higher yields without stress for the animal. 

This is how feed additives from Kaesler can make the difference. Adding our Loxidan antioxidants to the feed during production ensures good storability of the final feed, while our Cuxarom flavours are ideal for different feed types, starting with use in milk replacer for calves or creep and weaning feed for piglets – our flavours ensure excellent palatability for good feed acceptance.

Kaesler has a wide range of first-class feed additives, from enzymes through vitamins, L-carnitine, amino acids and botanicals, that not only promote the health and well-being of the animals, but are also able to improve feed conversion significantly. 

Water is the essence of life

Kaesler has developed a range of nutrient supplements for application via drinking water. These different nutrient blends provide targeted relief in specific situations when nothing more can be achieved through feed. Animals refusing feed will still often drink, making this the best way to administer nutritional supplementation when the animals need it most. The focus of the Lovit range is on poultry but the products can also be used for other species.

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Kaesler feed additives help save resources

Saving resources through feed preservation

Oils and fats, also those in grain, tend to oxidise and become rancid. Rancid feed is not only harmful to animals, but poorly accepted, leading to drops in performance. We recommend stabilising all feedstuffs with Loxidan antioxidants right from the start, even if they contain only small amounts of fats or oils. Stable feed saves resources and contributes to animal well-being. 

Saving resources through improved feed intake

Cuxarom flavours contribute to improved feed acceptance as smell and taste are decisive factors for good feed intake. 

Saving resources through efficient and sustainable nutrition

Enzymes, vitamins, carnitine and amino acids are contained naturally in feed. However, the amounts present are rarely sufficient to meet the needs of the animals. Feed additives are able to compensate these deficits efficiently, thus saving resources and contributing to sustainable feeding. 

Animal welfare through plant extracts

Nature offers a wealth of possible solutions for more efficient feed conversion through improved intestinal health and alleviation of disease pressure through inflammation management or an enhanced immune system. Knowing the type and quantity of the corresponding herbal active ingredients and combining the appropriate extracts is our task on the way to higher animal welfare. 

The nutritionists at Kaesler have used this knowledge and expertise to develop the Spicemaster range – the natural way to balance high performance and health.

You might not see Kaesler on the outside, but make sure there is Kaesler inside!

Our products for farmers

Our products for farmers to purchase via the compound feed industry.

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