Kaesler Research Institute

Kaesler Research Institute

Kaesler Research Institute – designing the future

At the Kaesler Research Institute we always have the future of animal nutrition and our planet in mind. We create innovative solutions, products and also develop new technology to help us achieve this goal. We support our customers with excellent services and use these also for the benefit of our own internal departments. 

Great value is placed on scientific networking to intensify our strengths and deepen our knowledge. The open approach in our laboratory allows us to cooperate with fellow scientists and customers alike to design the best possible future for us all.



R&D experiments per year



customer analytics and specific formulations per year



employees within the department including 20% students and trainees


800 m²

laboratory, technical and office space for R&D

The Kaesler Research Institute was founded in 2016 with the establishment of a R&D facility in Bremerhaven. The main focus was on the development of new formulations and analytics. 

The institute extended its activities in 2018 with the establishment of a biotechnological product and process development, followed by the introduction of tailored analytics for customers one year later. Since then, the Institute has been practising an open research approach, i.e. research that is openly accessible and modifiable by others. The Production Project Engineering Service (PPES), which was initiated in 2022 in cooperation with the existing production facilities in Cuxhaven, rounds off the current activities.  

Kaesler Research Institute – the divisions
  • Service Centre 

    Our customer-oriented Service Centre is there to answer any questions you may have in connection with our products, analytical services surrounding our products themselves, or our products in their final application, such as in pet food. Our aim is to support you with your projects and develop the best-possible formulations to meet your specific needs. 

  • Chemistry

    We are able to analyse all major main substances in our products in our own chemical laboratory. 
    This allows us to optimise and stabilise our products in addition to the production process. We continually search for new raw materials and active ingredients that can be used as technical and zootechnical additives. 

  • Biotechnology

    An own bio laboratory with technical area is our breeding ground for the development of feed enzymes and their corresponding production strains and processes.

    Thanks to our large collection of different strains, we are also able to address the biotechnological development of other feed ingredients, such as vitamins. 

  • Process Engineering

    Process engineering is an exciting, technical field with laboratory scale equipment that allows us to depict a variety of process options. The equipment includes a multitude of different machines, incl. mixer, compactor, extruder, spheronizer, spray dryer, equipment for spray processes into fluidised beds or rotor processes, in addition to equipment for the analysis of powders and granules. 

Our services

Analytical and customer-oriented services to support good animal nutrition.


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The following projects are publicly funded


Clean Fish project

Find out more


KraFt project

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Botanicals and prebiotics to stabilise animal welfare and health

PhD project in cooperation with HS Osnabrück


MonoGutHealth project

Find out more


Eco2Phy project

Find out more


Development of in vitro models for testing feed additives (and feed materials) to chickens and pigs

PhD project in cooperation with FU Berlin


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