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Stress factors in poultry production

There are numerous factors that cause stress in poultry, such as transport or change of housing, weather conditions, stocking density, unfamiliar noises and infections or parasites (such as red mites). When the stress is more intense or several stress factors occur at any one time, this can lead to serious physiological changes with far reaching consequences.  

These physiological changes result in immune suppression, poor growth, high feed conversion rate and decreased performance. Overall, long lasting, severe stress has an impact on the general well-being and health of the animals. 

The challenge of stress

Poultry cannot change their environmental status and must therefore cope with the situation. The body reacts to stress by increasing the metabolic activity to produce more energy. To do this, it needs more nutrients. 

At the same time, however, the animals reduce their feed intake, meaning less nutrients are actually available to meet the higher requirements. 

High levels of nutrient supplementation are needed to maintain performance and well-being. 

The solution

The supply of B-vitamins is often underestimated. These vitamins, which are essential for all metabolic pathways, are water-soluble, distinguishing them from the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. The body can only store B-vitamins to a very limited extent, which is why the animals are dependent on a constant supplementation. The need for B-vitamins increases especially in stressful situations and during illness. 

With the Lovit range of drinking water applications Kaesler Nutrition has the perfect answer to stress-related problems in the poultry house. Even when feed intake decreases, water intake remains largely constant, making supplementation via drinking water the ideal way of ensuring the animals get the nutrients they need.


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