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Pet food palatability

Pet food palatability – not just a matter of taste

The success of a pet food depends on its acceptance, by the pet and by the pet owner. The pet’s enjoyment and active intake of its food signals to the owner that the food is fresh and tasty. 

Scientific studies have shown that pet owners’ decision-making in buying food for their pets is often influenced by their own food-related decisions, which explains some of the current trends in pet food, such as organic, vegetarian or gluten-free choices. 

The challenge of tasty pet food

Dry pet food is easy to handle, easy to transport and has a long shelf life. So far, so good. However, it is a matter of fact that dry food simply does not taste as good as wet food due to the components and the manufacturing process. Dry food matrices often lack interesting taste and flavour components that dogs and cats love so much.  

Due to the high market share, however, dry food is an important sector for pet food manufacturers. If the food doesn’t taste good, the pet owners will simply choose a different brand next time they go shopping. Customer – and turnover – has gone down the drain! 

The solution to good taste 

Palatability depends on taste, flavour and texture, i.e. how the food feels in the mouth. Adding flavours to the pet food can improve taste and flavour, appealing to the pet’s sense of smell. 

  • High quality Cuxarom flavours by Kaesler Nutrition help create tasty food for dogs and cats. They are particularly suited for dry pet food manufacturing thanks to their heat and pressure stability. 
  • The Cuxarom Spice line is characterised by a range of flavours from grilled chicken to cheese notes - with and without umami. 

For long-lasting, good taste - the Cuxarom range of flavours by Kaesler Nutrition makes sure that pet food and snacks really go down a treat! 

Our products for good taste
  • Flavours

    Flavouring compounds improve the sensory characteristics of feed via active olfactory and gustatory components.

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