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Colourants – efficient pigmentation for all needs

Strong, vibrant colours are often associated with quality and good health. Natural colour, such as that of egg yolk, poultry skin or salmon meat can be intensified by supplementing the feed with carotenoids. 

Why use colourants?

Colourants are yellow, orange or red pigments often obtained from natural sources such as Tagetes (marigold flowers), maize or lucerne. The level of supplementation can be adjusted to meet consumer preference.  

In addition to pigmentation, carotenoids also have numerous important physiological functions, acting e.g. as biological antioxidant and immunostimulant or maintaining intestinal mucosal barrier function when birds are exposed to immunological stress. 

Did you know?

  • Why leaves turn colour in autumn? The tree degrades and reabsorbs chlorophyll to save energy, and stores the molecules in the roots, branches and trunk until it is warm enough to rebuild the chlorophyll for the new leaves in Spring. The effect: as the chlorophyll degrades, the red, yellow or orange pigments become visible. 

The benefits for you

Maintaining the ideal colour in the final product is a challenge as various factors, such as changes in feed formulation, gut health, fat digestion or age of the animals, have an impact on pigmentation. With: 

  • Avizant
  • Avixanthin
  • Astaxanthin

Kaesler Animal Nutrition offers a wide range of natural and nature-identical yellow, orange and red colouring carotenoids to suit all your pigmentation needs. High bioavailability and highly effective pigmentation are guaranteed. 

The benefits for feed producers

  • Homogenous, free-flowing quality 
  • Standardised product 
  • Resistance against loss of activity and oxidation 

The benefits for farmers

  • Safe dosing 
  • Standard xanthophyll content 
  • Excellent storage stability 
  • Consistent feed quality 

The benefits in a nutshell

Rely on more than 30 years of experience with colourants and their complex interactions to get the colour you desire.

Kaesler Nutrition quality means carefully selected raw materials, ideal particle structure and special packaging to protect the valuable pigments within.

Need assistance?

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Product details


Suitable for use in premix, mineral feed and complete feed. Also suitable for processed aquafeed (Astaxanthin 100) 

Packaging sizes
  • Avizant Yellow 20 HS semi-vacuum bags, 25 kg 
  • Avizant Yellow 40 HS vacuum bags, 25 kg 
  • Avixanthin 100 boxes of 20 and 25 kg, bags of 5 x 5 kg in box 
  • Astaxanthin 100 boxes of 20 kg, bags of 5 x 5 kg in box 


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