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Feed additives in aquaculture

The consumption of seafood is on the rise, with the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) expected to remain at 2-3% until 2026. Aquaculture is an important environmental source of seafood without endangering the population of aquatic species. 

It is therefore logical that the aquaculture industry is growing and needs not only more feed in general, but also more effective feed additives to achieve the increased output successfully.   

Fact: Global fish production

Global fish production quadrupled between 1961 and 2017, while the global population doubled in this period.

Fact: Per capita fish consumption

Maldives has the highest per-capita fish consumption at 87 kg (data of 2020), with Iceland in second place with 84 kg. The global average lies at just over 20 kg.

The challenges in aquaculture

Getting off to a good start is indeed a major challenge in aquaculture. A good survival rate in the hatchery is vital to ensure good supply of juvenile fish. Their nutrient requirements differ highly depending on their species, stage of life and type of fish farming. 

Feed raw material availability is changing, with material of marine origin being replaced increasingly with material of vegetable origin. Technology has become very sophisticated in the manufacturing of aquafeed. The feed may need to float or sink, and if it should sink, how fast should that be? Nutrient leaching is also an issue that must be controlled to ensure the fish obtain the nutrients they need to stay healthy. Not to mention the high demands of consumers with regard to colour preference of the final fish fillet. 

In this challenging environment, Kaesler Nutrition has developed a comprehensive and scientifically proven product portfolio to keep fish in aquaculture healthy and meet demanding consumer preferences. 

Challenges for aquaculture

Our products for aquaculture
  • Antioxidants for feed

    Adding antioxidants is one of the most efficient ways of protecting the sensitive nutrients in feed.

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  • Carnitine

    L-Carnitine supports energy metabolism and helps the body turn fat into energy.


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  • Colourants

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Use Kaesler’s range of colourants to enhance the beauty of nature.

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  • Enzymes

    Using feed enzymes is essential to improve nutrient digestibility and cost efficiency. 


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  • Vitamins for feed

    Vitamins are essential to maintain the normal metabolic processes of animals to ensure health and performance and must be supplied with the feed.

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