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Balanced nutrition – for different pets at different ages

The nutritional needs of our pets differ, depending on their species, race, age, activity level and general state of health. A working dog has higher requirements than a couch-loving counterpart, for example. This is why it is so important to get the balance right. Thanks to the right balance of nutrition, our pets are now living longer, healthier lives than before.

The challenge of maintaining the balance

These widely varying demands on nutrition have led to a greater variety of products adapted to the specific needs of the different kinds of pets.

Whether the products represent a daily ration (complete food) or are used together with other foods (complementary food), modern, industrially-prepared pet foods contain all the right components in the right proportions for our pets to lead long, healthy lives. 



Cats are so-called obligate carnivores, meaning they rely on meat for survival, and therefore require a diet rich in animal-based protein. A special feature in cats (compared to omnivorous species): taurine is an essential and in practice often limiting amino acid that omnivores synthesize themselves. 

Cats, however, do not have enough cysteine needed for the endogenous synthesis, meaning that supplementation with taurine is vital for the health of the cat. Arginine can be limiting for optimal growth and metabolism (e.g. in case of protein deficiency in the own ration or the supposed trend towards vegan nutrition) and is needed to remove ammonia, the waste product from breaking down proteins.

Arachidonic acid

Cats also require arachidonic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid found in animal fats, for proper growth, skin health, and reproductive function. 

It is important to ensure their diet includes sources of arachidonic acid, such as animal fats or fish oil.

Moisture content

Cats have a low thirst drive and may not drink sufficient water. Wet or canned cat food, which has a higher moisture content, can help maintain their hydration and promote urinary tract health.

Essential nutrients

Cats need certain specific nutrients, such as vitamin A, vitamin D, niacin and specific forms of fatty acids. These should be provided in appropriate amounts in their diet or through appropriate supplementation.



Dogs are omnivores and require a balanced diet that includes high-quality animal proteins. Protein is essential for their muscle development, immune system, and overall health.


As a result of domestication, dogs are well-adapted to the human diet plan. Therefore, their ability to digest starch as well as their requirement is today less comparable to wolves than to that of humans. Indeed, dogs need carbohydrates for energy homeostasis, which can come from whole grains like brown rice or other sources like sweet potatoes.  

Vitamins and Minerals

Dogs require a wide range of vitamins and minerals for proper functioning of various body systems. A balanced dog food should provide these essential nutrients in appropriate amounts.


There should be adequate fibre in dog food to help maintain healthy digestion.

The solution for balanced pet food 

Ingredients must be selected carefully and bear in mind supplementation with amino acids or vitamins according to the nutrient requirements of a certain pet at its relevant stage of life. 

  • An ideal product should strike the balance between nutritional requirements and palatability. If the food doesn’t taste good, your pet won’t eat it. 
  • Cuxarom by Kaesler Nutrition offers a wide range of flavours to suit the tastes of even the choosiest of pets.  
  • Botanicals, such as those in the Spicemaster range by Kaesler Nutrition, not only support gut health, but also have a highly attractive taste. They are therefore ideal for including in treats for training purposes. With Spicemaster – your snacks are more than just a treat.  
  • The use of animal by-products and rendering products closes cycles in the food system, making sure we get the maximum use of all available resources. These products, however, are extremely sensitive in quality and appearance, but they can be protected by using antioxidants such as the Loxidan range by Kaesler. Loxidan blends are also available in organic quality to ensure natural, long-term freshness of pet food and snacks.
  • Obesity in pets is a hot topic, especially in many veterinary practices. L-Carnitine is a natural compound that, to support energy metabolism, transports long-chain fatty acids from the cytosol to the mitochondria, where they are oxidized to produce free energy. Therefore, Kaesler Nutrition's Carneon product is an effective means of promoting weight loss in pets and consequently a valuable ingredient in specialty feeds to support healthy body weight. 
Our products for a balanced nutrition
  • Amino Acids

    Amino acids are vital for all living beings to build proteins. Amino acids and proteins are the building blocks of life.

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  • Antioxidants for pet food

    Adding antioxidants is one of the most efficient ways of protecting the sensitive nutrients in pet food.

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  • Botanicals

    Using botanicals in animal feed can have a positive effect on digestion and maintain general health and well-being.

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  • Carnitine

    L-Carnitine supports energy metabolism and helps the body turn fat into energy .

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  • Flavours 

    Flavouring compounds improve the sensory characteristics of pet food via active olfactory and gustatory components.

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  • Vitamins for pet food 

    Vitamins are essential for the normal metabolic processes of pets to maintain their overall health and well-being and must be supplied with the pet food.

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Analytical services to support you in the development of safe, high-quality feed and pet food products.

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Analytical services to support you in the development of safe, high-quality feed and pet food products.

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