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Achieving full performance potential

Thanks to genetic developments, modern poultry has a high performance potential for both meat and eggs. However, an adequate supply of nutrients is key to achieving the full potential.

It will become necessary in the future to focus on closing nutrient cycles and introduce new feeds based on alternative raw materials for poultry. Poultry is currently in first place in the food competition with humans.

The challenge in achieving full performance potential

Performance deficit and growth depression can be caused by an insufficient supply of essential amino acids or a lack of B-vitamins. Deficiencies of other vitamins or trace elements can also contribute to the problem, while certain stress situations can lead to increased nutrient requirements (such as change of feed, vaccination, disease). Deficiencies can also delay recovery following infection or stress. 

The metabolism of high performing animals runs at full speed and accordingly is prone to become deranged. The liver plays a central role in fat metabolism and needs particular attention in this respect.

The solution

A sufficient supply of vitamins, amino acids and minerals is crucial while nutrients, such as L-carnitine, choline and betaine are known for their benefits in supporting fat, and therefore energy metabolism. 

However, not all vitamins and nutrients can be combined in one product. Interactions and the stability of components must be considered. The nutritionists and technical specialists at Kaesler Nutrition have the expertise to combine the right blends of ingredients in the right form to support your flocks quickly and efficiently. Our Lovit range of drinking water applications is available in different formulations to target different fields of application. 

Our products to achieve full performance potential
  • Drinking Water Applications

    For short-term, targeted supplementation with selected nutrients to maintain poultry health.

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