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Different pet food for different needs

The number of pets kept worldwide is continually increasing. With 33% of all households worldwide owning pets, this not only gives rise to higher demands for pet food, but also higher demands on the pet food itself. 

The needs of young pets, such as kittens or puppies, differ widely from those of their older counterparts. Consumers are demanding pet food with additional health benefits for older pets or those with health problems to give their furry family members the longest, healthiest life possible.

Fact: Taurine – an essential amino acid 

Dogs are able to synthesise taurine from methionine and cysteïn but cats cannot. It is therefore important to enrich cat food with taurine. This amino acid is essential for cats and plays a vital role in their heart health, vision, and reproductive system.  

Fact: Quench your cat’s thirst 

Cats have a low thirst drive and often do not drink sufficient water. It is important to ensure they remain hydrated to promote urinary tract health. 

Fact: The good fats 

Healthy fats, such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, are crucial for skin health, coat condition and overall immune function of dogs.  

Why good pet food is so important?

There being no such thing as a standard pet, there is no such thing as standard pet food. Breed, age and lifestyle all have an effect of the nutritional needs of the animal. An outdoor, agility expert for example needs more energy than an indoor, calmer representative even of the same breed. Young animals need the right balance of nutrients to support healthy growth and development, while senior pets often have very specific needs as, e.g. digestibility can become an issue with age. 

A balanced diet means that all the nutrients required are present in the right amounts. These nutrients must be palatable and attractive even for the pickiest of pampered pets, while the nutrients must be digestible. And above all, the pet food must be safe.

Transparency and traceability in the entire chain 

Thanks to our Quality & Trust programme, we can help you in your endeavours for transparency and traceability in pet food production. Starting with sourcing the raw materials, through transport and storage and all production steps, our quality assurance programme supports you in setting new standards in pet food quality and giving the pet owners the transparency they desire.  

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Shelf-life and stability demand of pet food

Pet food manufacturers are highly conscious of the demands of pet owners on shelf-life and stability of pet food as these ensure its quality, safety and nutritional integrity. 

The formulation of the pet food is a crucial factor as ingredients that are prone to spoilage or degradation, such as fats and oils, must be carefully balanced and stabilised to prevent rancidity and maintain product freshness.

Palatability – enjoy your meal!

Palatability and smell have a major influence on the willingness of pets to eat and enjoy their meals. Pet food manufacturers may add natural or synthetic flavour enhancers, such as broths or spices, to enhance the scent, and appeal to a pet's sense of smell. 

The Cuxarom range of flavours by Kaesler Nutrition make sure that pet food and snacks really go down a treat!

Challenges for pets

Our products for pets
  • Amino Acids

    Amino acids are vital for all living beings to build proteins. Amino acids and proteins are the building blocks of life.

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  • Antioxidants for pet food

    Adding antioxidants is one of the most efficient ways of protecting the sensitive nutrients in pet food.

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  • Botanicals

    Using botanicals in animal feed can have a positive effect on digestion and maintain general health and well-being.

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  • Carnitine

    L-Carnitine supports energy metabolism and helps the body turn fat into energy.


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  • Vitamins for pet food 

    Vitamins are essential for the normal metabolic processes of pets to maintain their overall health and well-being and must be supplied with the pet food.

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Analytical services to support you in the development of safe, high-quality feed and pet food products.

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Analytical services to support you in the development of safe, high-quality feed and pet food products.

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