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Respiratory issues

Respiratory problems – more than just short of breath

Numerous factors can lead to respiratory problems in your poultry house. Pathogens are often the cause (virus, bacteria or fungi) as are poor husbandry conditions. Poor ventilation, high levels of dust, ammonia or other noxious gases in the poultry house can leave your birds short of breath.

The challenge of good respiration

The anatomical structure of birds' lungs is very special, as air flows through the lungs upon both inhalation and exhalation. As with many things in life, this has advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand it ensures the optimised oxygenation of blood but on the other hand comes with an increased risk of infection or irritation. 

Ammonia levels in the air of poultry houses are also known to be problematic. Ammonia can damage cilia and perturb the epithelial barrier of the respiratory tract allowing pathogens to enter and cause severe infections. It goes without saying that performance is impaired with fatal outcome possible.

Help your birds breathe easy

Good ventilation in the poultry house is vital to keep the levels of ammonia and dust down, thereby protecting the respiratory tract of the birds. 

Supplementing vitamin A can help support the immune system and protect epithelial barriers as it is known for its contribution to the barrier function of mucous membranes. A deficiency in vitamin A can lead to an impaired barrier function and therefore higher susceptibility to infection.  

Natural plant extracts from eucalyptus and thyme have anti-microbial, expectorant functions in addition to antioxidative properties, further supporting the immune system.  

The solution

Expertise in the poultry sector combined with specialist knowledge have enabled the nutritionists at Kaesler Nutrition to develop the ideal solution for improved protection of the respiratory tract. 

Not only easy to use, Lovit Breeze is a highly-effective liquid formulation with vitamin A in combination with thyme and eucalyptus to provide rapid support in strengthening immune defence.

Our products to overcome respiratory issues
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    For short-term, targeted supplementation with selected nutrients to maintain poultry health.

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