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High demands on animal feed

Extremely high demands are placed on modern livestock nutrition, not only from a legal point of view, but also by the consumers. The industry must meet all the requirements on feed quality and safety. Production conditions must be sustainable, while using resources sparingly.


The challenges

The ecological challenges facing the industry are omnipresent. The reduction of green house gases, emissions from animal production, carbon footprint, scarcity of resources, food and feed in direct competition with each other – the list is endless. But how can we overcome all these obstacles?


The solution

The good news is that there are solutions and this is where feed additives from Kaesler Nutrition come in. 

Feed additives such as antioxidants from the Loxidan range protect valuable feedstuffs during production and storage while additives from the Spicemaster range promote good gut health and help prevent inflammation. 

Enzymes from our Enzy range are indispensable in feed for monogastric animals, saving resources and emissions alike. Our technical team is on hand to give expert advice and provide solutions to optimise your animal feeds.  

Did you know?

  • Commercial production or sale of manufactured feed products takes place in over 130 countries with more than 250,000 skilled workers, technicians and managers.

Nutrient cycle

The goal of a so-called nutrient cycle is returning nutrients via intermediate stages to their starting point. If no substance is permanently removed from the system, it is called a closed cycle and a stable system. 

The compound feed industry plays an important role in closing cycles by integrating by-products from food production, such as dried distillers grains, into animal feed.

Our products for the feed industry


Analytical services to support you in the development of safe, high-quality feed and pet food products.

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Analytical services to support you in the development of safe, high-quality feed and pet food products.

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