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Vitamins for the optimal nutrition of livestock animals

Vitamins are organic substances that are essential for the normal metabolic processes of animals. They are needed in very small amounts and are classified as micronutrients. Vitamins are essential for maintaining health and performance and must be supplied with the feed. In most cases, the animal organism is not able to synthesise vitamins itself.

Achieve great effects with the smallest amounts

An undersupply or complete lack of one or more vitamins can lead to a variety of metabolic disorders. Performance losses, growth retardation, fertility problems or diseases and possibly death can be the result.

With an optimal, balanced vitamin supplementation you ensure the full performance and health of your animals. In addition, an increased intake of certain vitamins can have positive effects on health. You can achieve great effects with the smallest amounts. 

Discover our range of vitamins for the feed industry

Fat-soluble vitamins

Cuxavit A

Vitamin A is involved in:

  • the development, protection and regeneration of skin and mucosa
  • the increase of the body’s resistance against infections and infestations
  • the synthesis of the optic purple (rhodopsin)
  • the growth of the body and skeleton
  • the regulation of carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism



  • Cuxavit A 1000
  • Cuxavit A 500 S
  • Vitamin A Palmitate oily, feed grade
  • Cuxavit AD3 1000/200
Cuxavit D3

Vitamin D3 is responsible for:

  • the intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphorus
  • regulating calcium and phosphorus deposits in bones and egg shell
  • stimulating the performance of the immune system, and inhibiting auto-immunisation



  • Cuxavit D3 1 Mio Oily
  • Cuxavit D3 4 Mio Oily
  • Cuxavit D3 500
  • Cuxavit D3 500 WD
Cuxavit E

Vitamin E is of physiological importance, with functions including:

  • antioxidative effect
  • stabilisation of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin A and carotenoids in cellular metabolism
  • regulation of carbohydrate and creatine metabolism, muscle metabolism and glycogen balance
  • protection of cell membrane
  • regulation of the development and function of the gonads
  • preparation for and protection of pregnancy



  • Cuxavit E 50
  • Cuxavit E 50 WD
  • Cuxavit all-rac-alpha-tocopheryl Acetate oily, feed grade
  • Cuxavit RRR-Alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate WD 700 (E Natural)
Cuxavit K3

Vitamin K3 is involved in:

  • protein synthesis
  • the coagulation of blood
  • regulating and maintaining normal prothrombin formation



  • Cuxavit K3 MSB
  • Cuxavit K3 STAB 44

Water-soluble vitamins

Cuxavit B1

Vitamin B1 is a part of several enzyme systems which control the carbohydrate metabolism and is important for the normal functions of neural tissue and the myocardium. It promotes feed intake, peristalsis, fat absorption and enzyme activity.



  • Cuxavit B1 HCI
  • Cuxavit B1 Mononitrate
Cuxavit B12

Vitamin B12 is essential for normal growth, metabolism and formation of blood. It is directly involved in the synthesis of some amino acids. 



  • Cuxavit B12 0,1 %
  • Cuxavit B12 0,1 % WS
  • Cuxavit B12 1 % 
  • Cuxavit B12 1 % WS
  • Cuxavit B12 Pharma Grade
Cuxavit B2

Vitamin B2 is a constituent of the yellow enzymes and is important for the transfer of hydrogen atoms. It acts as a coenzyme and intervenes in the protein, fat and nucleic acid metabolism. 



  • B2-5-phosphate
  • Cuxavit B2 80 %
  • Cuxavit B2 98 % WS


Cuxavit B6

Vitamin B6 is involved in the metabolism of amino acids, fats, carbohydrates and minerals.



  • Cuxavit B6
Cuxavit Biotin

Biotin is a structural part of enzymes which are involved in the synthesis of fatty acids and in gluconeogenesis. Biotin is important for healthy skin, hair, hoof and horn. 



  • Cuxavit Biotin 2 %
  • Cuxavit Biotin 10 %
  • Cuxavit Biotin 2 % WS
  • Cuxavit Biotin Pure
Cuxavit C

Vitamin C mobilises the body's own defences as a redox system, increases performance, is involved in the synthesis of important building materials such as collagen (for teeth, bones, cartilage, skin), carnitine (factor in the provision of energy), the detoxification of foreign substances (nitroso compounds), and regulates the transport and storage of iron.



  • Cuxavit C Phos Stab
  • Cuxavit C 50
  • Cuxavit C 99
Cuxavit Calpan

Pantothenic acid is a constituent of coenzyme-A and as such regulates the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. 



  • Cuxavit Calpan
Cuxavit Dexpanthenol

Pantothenic acid is a constituent of coenzyme-A and as such regulates the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. 



  • Cuxavit Dexpanthenol 75%
Cuxavit Folic Acid

Folic acid is involved in a number of important reactions in the protein and nucleic acid metabolism, and in the production of red blood cells and of haemoglobin together with the vitamins C and B12. It further promotes antibody formation.



  • Cuxavit Folic Acid
Cuxavit Nicotinamide and Cuxavit Nicotinic Acid

Nicotinic acid and nicotinamide represent an integral part of the coenzymes of NAD and NADP which are involved in vital metabolic reactions in all living cells. These coenzymes play a key role in the total metabolism. They are also indispensable for the normal function of skin and digestive organs.



  • Cuxavit Nicotinamide
  • Cuxavit Nicotinic Acid

Quality and Trust

The Quality and Trust programme ensures a high-quality in our feed additives. 

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